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RMU Dining and Catering Services

Whether you are planning a large banquet to honor a leader in the community, a power lunch for a brainstorming session among committee members or a pizza party in the residence halls for a few friends, Robert Morris University Dining Services is here to help! Robert Morris University Dining Services offers a full range of catering services, from simple snacks to elegant banquets.

Relax- planning your catered affair will be an enjoyable experience. We are ready and willing to assist you in making your event a memorable one.

First Steps

The first step in planning a successfully catered event is to make certain the room desired is available. Room Reservations are made through Conference and Facility Services x4471. This office will also make any arrangements you require for podiums, staging and room diagrams, tables, chairs, etc.

After your room arrangement details have been competed, Conference and Facility Services contact our Catering Department at or x4990. Our qualified staff will work with you to ensure that your event is of the highest quality.