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2019 - 2020 Dining Plan Rates and Information
Robert Morris University requires all resident students to purchase a dining plan since we believe that a sense of community and a commitment to healthy eating are both key to the success of our students.  

We have designed 6 dining plans to accommodate every student's needs.  Our dining plans are declining cash balance in which you can choose from a variety of plans with varying dollar amounts to suit your lifestyle and maximize flexibility.  Each plan is designed and priced to accommodate an estimated number of meals per week, but students are not limited to a certain number of meals.  

First-year residents students can select any plan. However, the Patriot Plan is recommended for the first semester as the best option to acclimate to campus life.

Dining Plan dollars can be used for all items available at our 7 dining and concession locations which include, PNC Colonial Cafe, Romo's Cafe, Hale Center Cafe, Wheatley Cafe, Yorktown Cafe, the Ice House Bistro at the RMU Island Sport Center, and the UPMC Events Center.

Dining plans can be selected from semester to semester by logging on to your housing contract through the Residence Life website.  If you have questions please email Residence Life at reslife@rmu.edu

COMMUTER Students:  Please submit the Fall 2019 commuter plan application and drop off at the Student Financial Services department (Lower level of the Revere Building) with payment.

Dining plan changes for the Fall 2019 semester will be accepted on or before Friday, August 30, 2019 at 5:00 pm.

All dining plans are non-refundable and any unspent meal plan balance will expire at the end of each semester. For returning students, end of the semester bulk-buy is no longer offered.

NEW FOR FALL 2019:  Dining Plans are accepted at the UPMC Events Center concession outlets for food and regular beverage.  Student must have a ticket to the game/event to gain entrance.

Revolutionary Plan ($3,390*/semester)
The Revolutionary Plan is designed for a student that spends the majority of time on campus. This plan is structured so that you can have larger meals with spending money for snacks. This plan allows for ~$203.00/week. 

Patriot Plan - Recommended for incoming Freshmen ($2,655*/semester)
The Patriot Plan is designed for an average on campus student that eats most of their meals on campus and has a few snacks from time to time. This plan allows for ~ $154/week.

Jefferson Plan ($2,335*/semester)
The Jefferson Plan is designed for the flexible student that eats some meals and snacks on campus. This plan allows for ~ $132/week.

Liberty Plan ($2,095*/semester)
The Liberty Plan is designed for the light eater or the student who routinely goes off campus on the weekends. This plan allows for ~$116/week.

Revere Plan ($1,680*/semester)
This is designed for a resident that rarely eats at on campus dining locations. This plan allows for ~$89/week.

Commuter Plan ($775/semester)
This plan can only be selected by non-resident students.  This plan is available to our non-residential commuter students which allows for meals and snacks during the school year while on campus. This plan allows for ~$50/week.Commuter students may also choose from any of the traditional meal plans (Revolutionary, Patriot, Jefferson, Liberty, Revere). 

*A $350 Dining Services Fee per semester is included in the options. The fee covers maintenance, ongoing enhancements, and operating costs associated with dining services. Spendable balances per semester: Revolutionary Plan - $3,040; Patriot Plan - $2,305; Jefferson Plan $1,985; Liberty Plan - $1,745; Revere Plan - $1,330; Commuter Plan - $775.