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2012-2013 Meal Plan Rates and Information

Robert Morris University understands that dining is an integral part of the university experience. That's why we offer our students a number of delicious and nutritious dining options. Our dining plans provide the ultimate in flexibility and offer something to satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes.

Robert Morris Dining Services' goal is to match students with the perfect meal plan that meets and exceeds their expectations. These plans give our diners total control and flexibility along with the best value for the dollar.

First-year resident students are required to purchase either the Revolutionary Plan or Patriot Plan in order to familiarize themselves with campus life and manage their time schedule. After their first semester, they may choose the Jefferson or Liberty Plan as well.

Students who select the Revere Plan but do not reside in the apartments will be defaulted to the Patriot Plan after the close of room selection.

Any unspent meal plan balance will expire at the end of the semester and cannot be refunded.

Revolutionary Plan ($2,995*/semester)

For students who plan on eating the vast majority of their meals in the Food Court. It is structured to allow for three meals a day, seven days a week, and provides extra spending for RoMo's Cafe.

Patriot Plan ($2,180*/semester)

For students who plan to eat an average of 15 meals per week on campus. It also provides extra spending money for RoMo's Cafe.

Jefferson Plan ($1,985*/semester)

For the moderate eater or the student who occasionally goes off campus for meals. This plan provides for an average of 13 meals per week. It also includes extra spending money for RoMo's Cafe.

Liberty Plan ($1,730*/semester)

For the light eater or the student who routinely goes off campus for meals.  This plan provides for an average of 11 meals per week.  It also provides extra spending money for RoMo's Cafe.

Revere Plan ($1,440*/semester)

Provides convenience and flexibility for busy schedules (only available to students living in campus apartments).

Commuter Plan ($250*/semester)

Designed for students who live off campus but want to enjoy the convenience of the Food Court, Romo's Cafe or the Hale Cafe. Purchases made with this meal plan on your Freedom Card (student ID) allow you to save the 7% sales tax. Students who live off campus may also choose from the Revolutionary, Patriot, Jefferson or Liberty meal plans. Resident students are not eligible for this meal plan.

*A $350 Dining Services Fee per semester is included in the meal plan options ($10 per semester for the Commuter Plan).  The fee covers maintenance, ongoing enhancements and operating costs associated with providing dining services.  Thus, the spendable balance for the Revolutionary Plan is $2,645/semester, the Patriot Plan is $1,830/semester, the Jefferson Plan is $1,635/semester, the Liberty Plan is $1,380/semester,  the Revere Plan is $1,090/semester, and the Commuter Plan is $240/semester.